Tuesday 27 February 2007

A blast from... a while back

Here's a random jam recorded in a living room way back in November 2002 (we're only playing Tony Hawk 2, and those are video tapes on the windowsill). The muffled small room sound was pretty strong in the original recording, so I've tried to tart it up with some reverb. Your truly is on acoustic, Shano (see below) is on bass, and electric guitar is provided by none other than Norman, inventor of the world famous SLiMDisc software. Peter Smith provides random cupboard closing sounds towards the end as he goes about cooking his dinner.

Dav, Dave, Shano - Riders on the Slide

Thursday 22 February 2007

Introducing Shano

Here's a tune by a bass playing ledge I used to live with - funk, soul and reggae is his usual sort of thing, but this is his first foray into more of an abstract mellotron electronica type yoke. Whatever. The bassline is still great.

Mantekka - Private Space

Wednesday 7 February 2007

Here's the plan...

Well, I hope to get into this whole home recording yoke, hopefully culminating in the recording of some kind of Psychedelic MasterpieceTM. As a means towards this end, future entries may include:
  • fragments of tracks to try out certain recording techniques
  • full, original songs (yay!)
  • random YouTuberry
  • usual mp3 blog stuff - rare tracks etc.
  • mp3s from friends' bands and so on
Entries will not include: