Wednesday 13 May 2009

Dear audio software makers...

...stop living in the past. This is the Sony Oxford EQ, widely considered one of the best EQ plugins:

...and this is Tracktion's built-in EQ:

They're both extremely similar in both function, and the amount of control they offer, but the second works like a real computer program (drag and swoosh the circles around til it sounds as you wish), while the first, 'pro' offering has a pile of twaddly little knobs as if keyboards and mice were never invented. Crossing fingers that one day, VST makers will realise that they're designing GUIs, not rack units

Monday 16 March 2009

Seeing infinity

I'm not a Sasha Frere-Jones fan (due to tripe like his "Paler Shade of White" nonsense), but this really resonated:

Russell’s recording sessions were a departure from the average hit-making process: they were closer in principle to jazz than to pop or dance. Musicians received brief instructions, rehearsed equally briefly, and then played for as long as felt right. Tapes from these sessions were then edited and recombined to make multiple records, a practice common to Jamaican pop forms like dub reggae. Russell often mixed songs more than ten times, highlighting different instruments each time, seeing infinity in an inch of tape.

(re: Arthur Russell)

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Wanted: Musicians (Dublin area)

I'm starting a band to play originals (and covers that I can pass of as originals) and need

  • a drummer
  • a bassist
  • a keyboard player
If you're able to sing and/or write songs, it'd be a huge plus. Here are some tunes:

The Ecuador Three - Hey (or how the band did its thing)
The Ecuador Three - Easy (Thus Do All)
The Ecuador Three - Gideon
The Ecuador Three - Handshake Drugs
The Ecuador Three - Dublinism

Friday 6 February 2009

Prog Prog Prog Prog

Prog Rock Britannia - An Observation in Three Movements (part one of three)

Pretty self-explanatory, really

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Helm's Deep y'all

16 year olds write songs, 16 year olds forget about songs, 26 year old man digs up songs he wrote when 16, finally records album, thinks wistfully about how things have changed, chorus til fade... by Rob Matthews and His Mate Hamish.

Helm's Deep (102mb zip)