Friday 9 May 2008

Free VSTs that aren't shite

I use Tracktion 2 for all my recording needs. It came free with my soundcard, and is a joy to use. The built in EQ is pretty good, and very intuitive. The MDA plugins included, however, leave a lot to be desired. For those of you interested in this sort of thing (hi Andy), I present to you my list of usable free VST plugins to get you started:

  • Steroid Bouncer - processing for stereo tracks that aren't really stereo, i.e. bass direct and mic'd amp
  • Cyanide - simple sigmoid type distortion
  • endorphin - excellent dual band compressor, intuitive controls, good for heavy squashing
  • Bionic Delay - nice dub type delay - make left and right delay times different and you can get nice Haas effect placement
  • newB - bass enhancer, can be good if used subtly
  • Freeverb - the daddy of free reverbs. Only really has one sound (medium room) but it's a good one
  • Ambience - good reverb for when you want an obvious effect
  • SIR - impulse reverb. Get impluses here and here.
  • Tapeworm - Mellotron VST. Nice flutes

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