Friday 30 March 2007

etree Friday

I've been meaning for a while now to put together some kind of post about the etree/ Live Music Archive - a monstrous collection of live bootlegs that you could get lost in for weeks. It does skew slightly towards the jam band side of things, but there's enough variety to guarantee that you'll find something you like.

My Morning Jacket - Gideon - Bonnaroo, 2006-06-16

The Dismemberment Plan - Sentimental Man - The Middle East, 2003-07-24

Gomez - Get Miles - Cleveland Odeon, 2003-05-08

Rogue Wave - California - Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco, 2006-03-30

By the way, the above photo is of a random Nigerian guy hugging commentator Eamonn Dunphy during Wednesday's Ireland/Slovakia match in Croke Park. With thanks to Wes Gorman.

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