Sunday 4 March 2007

Loops of fruit

Right, Mullen, listen up. Here's how I put together drum parts in Fruity Loops:

  1. Play the main bit of the song on an acoustic guitar, taking particular care with regards to timing and feel
  2. Using the wave editor of your choice, make a one bar loop of it. Note how long it is
  3. Make a new project in Fruity Loops and set the bpm to match the length of your one bar loop. bpm = loop length / number of beats (probably 4) * 60.
  4. Put the loop on one of the tracks. Now you can add drums on top until it sounds good.
  5. The most important thing to get right is probably the swing. I usually put hi-hats all the way across (i.e. 16th notes), and nudge the swing slider until they're in time with the guitar
  6. Add your favourite drum samples. Often for, say, a kick drum, I'll layer an acoustic sample (for some gritty warmth/feel) with a drum machine kick (for a serious low-end smack). I've heard Mylo is a big fan of this method

Here's one I made earlier (no vocals yet though):

The Ecuador Three - Easy (Thus Do All)

And that's it...

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Anonymous said...

Bless, you look so relaxed behind the drum kit....